19-Dec-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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What is Activity?

Activity is a record representing the Activity applied by the staff. It allows you to input the Activity records of the staff with details.

For adding the Activity records to Backstage, there are 3 ways to do it:

  • Manually - Click Add New to create the record one by one
  • Importing - Export the template file here and import the file to create the records in batch
  • From Approved Activity Application - The record would be created automatically once the Activity Application is approved

What can be defined in Activity?

Field Description
PlacementStaff involved in this entry, you can use Placement Number or Staff Name to search the staff
Activity TypeThe Type of Activity staff applied, you can create the Activity Type you want
Start Time, End TimeDate and Time of the Activity
SubjectDescribe the Main Content of the Activity
Contents OptionalGiven the Details of the Activity
RemarkAny notes for about the leave

What's Next?

  • Check the records in System and Timesheet