Expense Claim

23-Jun-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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What is Expense Claim?

Expense Claim is a record representing the staff expense claim details. You/staff can group the claims together and create the claim(for back-end users)/ apply their claim by project, by date, or by expense types, i.e you can claim more than one item in each claim.

What can be defined in Expense Claim?

Expense Claim:

  • Placement: define the staff responsible for the claim
  • Currency: define the currency paid of the claim
  • Remark: any notes for your reference
  • Status: define whether the claim is completed. Expense Claim submitted by staff in ESS would be in "Preparing" by default. For back-end users, you can define if the claim is completed and no approval is needed.
    • There are total 6 statuses of the expense claim including those 2 you can define

Preparing ->.Pending -> Rejected


                                     Approved -> Reviewed -> Paid


                                                     Returned -> Reviewed -> Paid

    • Preparing: the claim not yet approved by manager and staff can add item to claim form
    • Approved: the claim has been approved by manager and waiting for review
    • Rejected: the claim is rejected by the manager
    • Reviewed: the approved claim has been reviewed and is ready to pay
    • Returned: the approved claim is returned to staff for doing the adjustment or updates
    • Paid: the claim amount has paid to staff
  • Cost Centre: define the cost allocation of the claim amount belongs to(for the whole claim)


(You can click add new to add the new item or click into the existing item update the details)

  • Expense Type: define the nature of the claim item
  • Expense Date: the date of the claim
  • Currency: define the currency of the claim item if it is different from the currency paid
  • Exchange Rate: define the currency exchange rate
  • Claim Amount: the amount staff claim of this item
  • Pay Amount: the amount the company would pay for this item
    (when Pay Amount is different from Claim Amount, the amount would be shown in RED)
  • Description: more details about the expense claim
  • Remark: any notes marked by staff or for your reference
  • Allocations: define the cost allocation again of the claim pay amount if it is different from the whole claim 

Attachments: the receipt or any related file of the claim

Next Approver: show who is/are going to approve the claim

Actions: show the details about the status change of the claim