Create a new Pay Type for use in Payroll

05-Sep-2023 · Felix Fung
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Why create a new Pay Type?

You are about to pay staff under a new payment category. You want to add this to Payroll.

How to create new Pay Type for use?

Step 1. Create the new Pay Type

  • Go to Payroll -> Pay Type
  • Add New to Create the new Pay Type

Step 2. Enable the new Pay Type in Job Order Template

  • Go to Payroll -> Job Order Template
  • Locate the Job Order Template -> Click into the Pay Type
  • Enable "Is Active"
  • Review other settings and assign the proper value, e.g.
    • Is Relevant Income for Hong Kong MPF calculation
    • Is Taxable and the corresponding tax category
    • Is Disregarded Days for excluding the days in ADW calculation
    • Is Disregarded Wgaes for excluding the amount in ADW calculation
  • Set the Payroll formula
    • If your pay type "has unit rate", then you need to set both "unit rate formula" and "number of unit formula"
    • If your pay type "has no unit rate", then you need to set the "unit rate formula".
      • Put [PR] at "Unit Rate Formula" and Backstage will take the pay rate set in the staff Placement profile to Payroll
      • For setting the formula, you can see the payroll variable on the right-hand side or you can take a look:
        Payroll Variable for setting the formula
  • Save

Step 3. Set the Pay Rate in staff Placement profile Optional

  • Go to staff Placement profile -> Salary section
  • Set the pay rate if needed

What's Next?

  • Generate the new Payroll Batch / Recalculate existing payroll to confirm the new pay type is working