Backstage changes, September 2022

03-Oct-2022 ยท Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users,

We spent our September working in Singapore (not geographically but conceptually). Some of our clients are in Singapore (migrated recently or had operations for a while) and Backstage has been supporting their tax reporting process for years. In 2023, the Singapore IRAS is terminating submission of electronic files and required submission via API. We were working to support this new submission approach.

And for all other users, several enhancement are on its way (e.g. a new Dashboard layout) is on its way and I hope to report to you in next update notes. Please read on for other updates from last month. Enjoy your day!

Backstage Team

Admin Portal


  • Action Variable/Import Attendance Raw Data - Action Variable for importing attendance data is updated. New attendance file format can be imported to Backstage by updating system setting instead of adding a new function
  • Action Variable/Notify Pending Leave Application - now you can use action variable to notify approvers with pending leave applications. Usually used as a daily reminder.


  • Autopay - new format in Singapore: HSBC Hub MRI Version 2

Employee Portal


  • Punch In/Out on Dashboard - removed time limitation on punching. Staffs can now punch anytime and attendance statistics will still be calculated in the same way.