Backstage changes, June 2019

14-Jun-2019 · Felix Fung

Please find below the third of the 3 update notices since March. We caught up the missing notice notes.

Admin Portal

Master Data

Holiday Group, automatic update: this has been a long requested feature. Previously holiday information were distributed at second half of the year and has to be updated manually. Auto update is now available to make things easier. Your system will connect to our data store and update holiday group when we have updates. Hong Kong and Macau holidays are supported.

Location, import and export: now import and export are available for Location records. 

Shift, import and export: now import and export are available for Shift records.

Placement Profile

New field: Group Join Date and Resignation Date - if there are contract renewal or internal transfer, Group Join Date helps you record the first join date of your staff. And if staff resigned, resignation date records when they submit the application. Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements which make use of these 2 new fields.

Export to include Custom Value - now custom value defined in Placement Profile will be exported as well.


Payslip, more digits at pay amount! - we are happy to receive this request when a client said the pay amount on payslip is too short to show the number in full. Wish everyone is having this problem and we will deliver the fix immediately. 


IR56B, now including staffs terminated on 31-Mar - we updated the rule such that staff terminated on 31-Mar of each tax year will show up in IR56B. This does not violate the rule but give more flexibility of your submission.

Employee Portal

Leave Application

No approval for certain leave types - you will see a new option "No Approval Required" in Leave Type. Once turned on, any leave application of this leave type will be approved upon submission. This is another long requested feature so be sure to try out if you need this.