Backstage changes, Sep 2018

03-Sep-2018 ยท Felix Fung

Admin Portal


Search bar - now available on every page for your quick access to placements or reports.

Performance enhancement - misc performance enhancements when user is not an Admin user.

Permission for leave entitlement - permission is now enabled at leave entitlement such that you can control whether an user can access a certain leave entitlement policy. We have configured such that the default of this is "visible to all".

Placement Profile

Adding new Movement - when adding new movement record, values from previous movement will be copied as default value to facilitate the creation.


Timesheet with batch status update - now you can update timesheet status in batch, based on your search criteria.


Adding placement to payroll - new option to select placement by department.

Recalculate all payroll - now comes with a screen similar to adding placements, in which you can select which placements to recalculate

Currency conversion - hidden option to enable this. You can now specific "Pay Currency" and "Placement Currency" when creating a payroll batch. Placement of "Placement Currency" can be selected and the pay amount is converted into "Pay Currency".

Average Daily Wages Schedule - report with new and clearer layout.

Hong Kong/MPF Statement - more options to handle staff with no payroll in current month: include, exclude, only.

Singapore/CPF Calculation - fixed an issue for calculating CPF when pay amount involved decimal places.


Hong Kong/IR56B/E/F/G/M print out - updated to latest 2018 print-out version.


Training hour accumulation - now training hour is calculated at applicant level instead of placement level, such that staff who have transferred to other company have their training hours considered too.

Employee Portal


Login for terminated staff - hidden option to allow terminated staff login to Employee Portal within 7 days of termination.