Backstage changes, August 2022

08-Sep-2022 ยท Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users,

In this summer, we enhanced the Log feature in Backstage to let you know more about what the system has done in the background. Building on top of this we are also introducing "Automation" which will unlock more possibilities that Backstage can do for you.

For many clients, we have setup background tasks like importing attendance data or sending notification email. But these tasks are run at the background and you have little knowledge on the result.

We are now migrating them as "Automation" and their result will be recorded in "Task Log", you will then be well informed of issue like connection error and fix them before too long.

We are also exploring more uses of "Automation" to make your work easier. For now there is already client enjoying automated posting of payroll batches and being notified. Other tasks like automatic report generation and delivery are also in process. We look forward to your comments on what else we can do for you.

Some of you have already received system update. Feel free to contact us to arrange system update if you need to.

Please read on for features update recently. Enjoy your day!

Backstage Team

Admin Portal


Email Template

  • accessible from System Menu / Email Template
  • we are exposing Email Template such that you can modify the content of notification sent by Backstage. See Email Template for more explanation
  • migration is in progress. Let us know if the template you want to modify is not yet available in the list

Email Log

  • accessible from System Menu / Email Log
  • here you will see delivery status of email sent in the last 35 days. In particular, you can look for "Failed" delivery and check with us on how to solve the problem
  • Failed Email log is also available on Dashboard

Automation and Task Log

  • accessible from System Menu at Automation and Task Log
  • here you will see status of task executed in the last 35 days. You may those failed execution and resolve problem as needed
  • Automation is not yet fully manageable by you. Please let us know if you are interested in using