Backstage changes, January - March 2020

17-Mar-2020 · Felix Fung

Thanks for checking this out. We have been working on several implementation projects and there seems to be less generally available new features in this update. We look forward to your suggestions on what is needed. The COVID-19 impacted all of us. Wish all best to our fellow clients and we will be working together to keep on delivering great HR experiences.

Admin Portal


Multiple assignment of Supervisor Type - previously if you have a staff with multiple roles as supervisor, you will need to assign the supervisor relationship one by one. We have reviewed the layout such that you can add this relationship in one shot. Also applies to Subordinates.


Next Forfeiture Date in Leave Balance - the information will now be available whenever you see leave balance, telling you the next forfeiture date of your current balance.


Payroll Batch/New Permission "Unpost" - as suggested by a client, we added the "Unpost" permission of Payroll Batch such that you can have more control on which user to do what. By default, all user group with "Post" permission will be assigned with "Unpost" permission when this update is applied.

Autopay/HSBC - detect and remove single quotation mark from Payee Name.

MPF/Manulife - updated to latest version

Payroll/Work Day variable - implemented "DAYS_IN_MONTH" calculation to handle case of 30 days in month. This is implemented for regulations in Macau.

Payroll/Leave Day variable - implemented parameter "FROM_START_DATE" to handle deduction when the staff is terminated within probation. This is to support calculation from Labour Ordinance that statutory holidays within the first 3 months of the employment period can be of zero pay. This variation helps retrieving leave days within first 3 months of the employment period.

Employee Portal

Expense Claim

Cost Allocation for individual Expense Type - now you can allocate cost center for individual Expense Type. If this is not specified, then the default cost centre or the claim based allocations will be used.