Backstage changes, April 2020

18-Jul-2020 · Felix Fung

Admin Portal


Current user will be selected as default owner of the newly created applicant - previously "Admin" will be assigned as the default owner of all newly created applicant, and now it is changed.

Job Order

Job Order Number is now editable - once in a while you will need to update Job Order Number. Now you can do it as you wish.


Better Indicator of Multiple Bank Account - some of you may have been using multiple Bank Accounts for payment to multiple accounts from payroll of a single staff. The assignment of multiple bank accounts, however, will overwrite the single bank account, and may cause problem if users entered both single bank account and multiple bank accounts. Better indicator is now added in payroll and applicant profile to warn you about this. Let us know if you have further questions.

Autopay file generation for OCBC Wing Hang Bank (Macau) and ICBC (Hong Kong) are now supported.

Payroll Variable/Long Service Payment - new parameter "LARGER" to let Backstage pick the larger of LSP, based on ADW or monthly wages.

Payroll Variable/Overtime Hour - enhanced DAY_OF_WEEK parameter to support specifying multiple days.

Payroll Variable/Workday- new parameter "IN_CURRENT_YEAR" variation to return number of days worked in current year from 1-January.

Payroll Variable/Leave Adjustment - new parameter "BY_EFFECTIVE_DATE" to get leave adjustments by effective date and return sum of days adjusted.

Macau/Payroll Variable/Professional Tax - updated parameters for 2020.

Employee Portal


Easy access to previous Appraisals - there are now links to previous Appraisal in General Info tab. Hopefully this will save you some time when needing to review previous appraisals.