Backstage changes, May 2019

14-Jun-2019 · Felix Fung

Admin Portal

Master Data

Time Zone in Region - you can now define time zone in Region. We added this to better support the duration calculation for international travel claims, but looking forward to applying this to support multi-regional companies in other modules.

Leave Balance

Leave Entitlement, warning when no period defined - leave balance calculation will be interrupted if the leave entitlement is not defined correctly. We added warning message to remind you of updating the leave entitlement. 

Leave Entitlement, new option "Count period from first effective date" - we added this option to handle a leave policy from Japan, of which the anniversary year is delayed for six months. Let us know if you are handling leave policies in Japan and we will see if this option works for you.

Leave Adjustment

Blocked edit or delete for forfeiture adjustment - clients who are using "auto forfeiture" may have noticed that, the entitlement and forfeiture adjustment has to work in pair. Some clients reported that if the forfeiture adjustment is deleted, system will be unable to return the correct result. We fixed this by disabling edit or delete of the forfeiture adjustment record. You will need to delete the entitlement adjustment and they will be deleted together.


Hong Kong, IR56B/F/G - updated print-out template to fit tax year 2018/2019. Also with better support of long address.

Employee Portal

Leave Application

Custom Field in Leave Application - you can now define custom field in Leave Type, and these fields will show up when staff submitting leave applications of the leave types.

Batch Approval for requesting entitlement - since the first version of Backstage, leave application of request entitlement cannot be approved with batch action, because we would force the approver to review the details and approve this one by one. As we move on, this became an inconsistent behavior and introduced inconvenience to users, outweighing it benefits. As such we are taking this out.


Self defined Appraisal title - clients have been using Appraisal module for all sort of forms to collect feedback from staffs. As such the name "Appraisal" may not fit their needs. You can now define your own title from System Setting.