Backstage changes, April 2019

14-Jun-2019 · Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users, apologize of missing a few months of update notice as we were busy adding new features to Backstage. Please find below the first of the 3 update notices since March.

Admin Portal


Activity is coming back - this has been a long time record but we wasn't promoting it uses. Activity is meant for you to record everything happened with the staff, be it praises or warning letters. You can define "Activity Type" and then record Activity of a particular staff. Give it a try!


Placement List with new option "show terminated staff" - Placement List has been limited to show staffs who are working on a certain date. Now you can retrieve info of terminated staffs with this option as well.


Better handling of remarks when recalculating timesheet - in previous version remarks entered in timesheet will be wiped out when recalculating. We have reviewed the logic to better handling this. 

Leave Application

Ignore "min days to apply before" when leave application is added by Admin user - the checking "min days to apply before" still works when it is Admin to create the leave application on behalf of the staff. This gives certain trouble if this is a last minute application to be added. We have taken this out to make it easier to handle.


HSBC iFile autopay - format updated

Payroll variable, Leave In Minutes - now supports "M-1" variation to get leave minutes from "last month"


Leave Entitlement search - now system will indicate whether the record is inactivated and warn you not to use it.

Placement search - for staff with end date entered, system will remind you the staff will be terminated

Employee Portal

Leave History

Hiding terminated teammates in Leave History - in previous version terminated teammates are still present in the Leave History page. They are now hidden to avoid confusion.

Expense Claim

New layout for travel/international Claims - we are working on a new layout for travel/international claims of which you can add unlimited number of expense details, each with its own expense type and expense date. You can also define currency and exchange rate for each of these details. Existing clients who are using the old layout and is interested at this, please let us know.