Backstage changes, March 2019

08-Mar-2019 · Felix Fung

Admin Portal


Default Shift in Roster - one assumption of Backstage Attendance is that all working shifts are known in advance. e.g. if you want to take leave in December, the roster for December must first be defined. But this is not always the case for some of you, especially when dealing with staffs on rotating rosters. We now added "Default Shift" in Roster. After assigning a Default Shift, and whenever you are working with roster where shift is not yet defined, the Default Shift will be used. This should help some of you not to insert dummy shift that often.


Leave Entitlement can now be accumulated by week - Backstage supports monthly and annual entitlement and now weekly entitlement is supported. This is useful for company who want to trace leave on weekly basis, e.g. weekly day off. We also had an alternative solution by configuring "Rest Day Requirement" at Roster so you can pick the one that best fit your needs.

Leave Balance with "To Be Forfeited" information - if you have configured "Max Days to Brought Forward" in leave entitlement, now system will calculate number of days to be forfeited given the current leave balance, and present this info to Admin/ESS users. This will give staffs more info when planning how much days to be taken by year end.


Average Daily Wages History Report - a client is going to adopt Average Daily Wages and as such needs a listing of all previous ADW result. The new report is implemented which will give life-time ADW results for selected staffs.


Maximum Score - Backstage Appraisal has been assuming a maximum score of 5 but this is not always the case. We added "Maximum Score" in Appraisal Form Template. When nothing is entered, system will keep using 5 as maximum score. If you input alternative value, that will be used for reporting the final score, of which the result will be converted with that as maximum score.

Employee Portal

Leave Application

Leave Type at Leave Approval/Overlapping Leave Records - a client suggested that some of their leave are business trip, and it will be nice to include leave type information in the panel. This is added as suggested. We also fixed a possible performance issue when loading a lot of overlapping records.