Backstage changes, April 2023

03-May-2023 ยท Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users,

Please find below list of new features that we introduced in April.

Backstage Team

Admin Portal

Default Email format from Backstage

  • Some email clients has problem displaying the correct content when it is in text format. Now email are sent in html format by default to solve this problem.


  • Placement Profile/Leave Balance - added indicator and information of pending leave applications
  • Placement Profile/Salary History - added tax forms history


  • Continuous Leave Entry Report - updated logic to make this more useful. Now this report will consider rest day and holiday before or after a leave entry, and let you know when your staff is taking a long leave.


  • Autopay - added warning when bank account number is too short
  • Autopay/HSBC IFile - by putting [LONG_BENEFICIARY_NAME] at remarks, system will change payee length limit to 140 characters. Good when HSBC requested you to submit a test file before officially switch to the new format.


  • IR56B/Company Chop - by uploading a jpg file (width 185px and height 110px) named "ir56_company_chop.jpg", system will display this in company chop box on print-out.