Backstage changes, October 2022

09-Nov-2022 ยท Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users,

We now have a new Dashboard which had not been updated since the earliest days of Backstage.

The inspiration is that, the long list of records did not provide a proper big picture view. We want to draw your attention to important figures that you can easily work on.

We released the new Dashboard since middle of October, and not long after that we received comments from users that they missed the detail view... a bit discouraging considering our efforts to make things better...

But it is also true that your voices are important to us.

As such we revised the design, which comes with both Big Picture view and Detail view, and you can easily navigate between the two. Users are now using the new design and we are keep following up.

It is an valuable lesson to us since there are many more we want to enhance at Backstage to make it a better HR software. Your feedback is most welcomed to make this happen together.

Feel free to let us know what you think.

Backstage Team

Admin Portal


  • New Dashboard look and feel
  • added link to Help Portal from navigation bar

Attendance Raw Data

  • Map View - new view to plot attendance raw data on map when geographical data is recorded

Attendance Application

  • New Application Type Miss Punch - the new application type is available when there is a miss punch on that day. When approved, the shift in/out time will be filled.


  • Macau SSF form for Staff Change - updated to latest format
  • Singapore CPF - new contribution rate for 2023 is ready
  • Singapore CPF Contribution Report - newly added


  • New action variable to notify expiring certificates

Employee Portal


  • Group Calendar - as an approver, now you can see all possible records by default without selecting a particular option (same team or as approver)
  • Team Roster - new option to show or hide Default shift