Backstage changes, December 2018

04-Dec-2018 · Felix Fung

Admin Portal


New option "Adjusted for placement end date" in leave entitlement - for cases with contract staffs, contract end date is known but Backstage still calculated the leave entitled assuming the staff work for full year. We now have the option "Adjustment for placement end date" in leave entitlement. By turning on this option, and if placement end date is filled, the leave entitled will be adjusted for end date with the same rounding rule applies.


Rest-day requirement at Roster - for staffs who work based on roster, sometime the company has a minimum rest-day requirement. Now this is handled by Backstage. You can define the rest-day requirement at roster, and the calculation will show up in placement roster. 


Autopay format for Bank of Communications is now available


Singapore/IR8A is now available - we are also submitting the file to IRAS for verification. Stay tuned.

Employee Portal

Group Calendar

Default view for approvers or supervisors- previously we enhanced the page, such that approver can see their teammates, even they are not in the same department. We now turned this into default option when approver/supervisor go to this page.

Manage Shift

Layout enhancement for better information display