Backstage changes, July - September 2019

23-Sep-2019 · Felix Fung

Thanks for checking this out. Here are what we have done in the summer. Feel free to let us know what troubled you and we are glad to help.

Admin Portal


Permission Table to show all user group - at the end of Applicant Profile there is a "Permission Table" to tell you who can see this record. Previously this table showed only User Group which you have permission over, and therefore was not showing every users that have access to the record. We changed the behavior such that all users with permission will show up in this table.

Call Name in Info Update Request - now staff can also request to change their Call name from Employee Portal.


MPF information when creating placement - in previous version, only user with Payroll permission can see MPF information (e.g. pension type and MPF Trustee) when creating a new placement. However, this design can possibly miss out entering the compulsory MPF information, and thus we changed the behavior that user with Create permission will also be able to complete the MPF information. Please reach us if you have any questions at this change of behavior. 

Leave Type

Maximum Days to apply - a new option to limit maximum days to apply is now available in Leave Type. 

Leave Entitlement

No entitlement in first 3 months after first year - the Hong Kong Labour Ordinance stated an option to not granting leave entitlement in first 3 months of every leave year. However in practice, many clients are doing better than stated, and was limited by our existing option that gives no entitlement for all leave year. We created a new option such that you can selectively grant that balance after year 1.

Singapore/Actual Balance prorated by month - our default calculation for actual balance is based on number of days in the leave year. As requested by a client with operations in Singapore, we added a new option for calculation based on completed month in the leave year.


Visible in ESS - if you work with Roster in ESS, now there is a new option for deciding whether this Shift will show up there.

Attendance Raw Data

New option to Disable the record - when processing timesheet, it is possible that you would like to ignore a data point from your card reader. However, delete will not work as Backstage will download that data again upon next import. We added a new option in Attendance Raw Data such that you can now "disable" this data. Backstage will then ignore this when processing timesheet.


Consolidated Payslip now becomes a standard option - a consolidated payslip will add up all payrolls within the month and present it in a single payslip. Now it becomes a standard option accessible in Payroll batch or individual Payroll page.

Average Daily Wages Report with Summary View - a new summary worksheet is added to the ADW report that list out staffs in report and their corresponding ADW.

Autopay/ICBC - Backstage now supports autopay format for ICBC.

Expense Claim Amount Variable - a new variable for getting total claim amount within the pay period. Works with Expense Claim module.

Month Days variable - a new variable for returning number of days in that month. It was created for a client who wanted to pay staffs on a bi-weekly basis.

Paid Amount Variable - a new variable for returning amount paid in previous pay period.

Is Placement Variable - a new variable for checking whether a payroll is for a selected placement.

Expense Claim 

Expense Type, is attachment required - a new option to indicate whether attachment is required for this expense type. Each expense detail with attachment required option turned on requires one attachment, and system will check for this upon submission of the claim.

New Assistant Role "Expense Assistant" - we added a new role "Expense Assistant" that the assistant can help his boss to fill in and submit Expense Claim.


Search now supports general menu item - the general search bar now supports search of menu item. Hopefully this gives you one more shortcut to access the functions in Backstage.

Entity Group Member Report - a new report to list out all entity group and all underlying records.

Employee Portal

Leave Application

Leave Application now supports multi Attachments - as the name suggested, staffs can now upload multiple attachments to a single leave application.

Expense Claim

Allocate Cost at Expense Details - staffs can now allocate cost at individual expense details, and the result will affect the corresponding "Expense Amount by Cost Centre" report. If you are currently using the Expense module and is interested at this, please reach us for enabling this function.

Better approval action table - we updated the approval action table such that it gives you better view of what's happening at this claim.


Better Calendar View - we updated the calendar for Resource to give better info on resource booking information.