Backstage changes, October - December 2019

14-Dec-2019 · Felix Fung

Admin Portal


Internal Transfer/Also copy future pay rate - it is possible that a internal transferred staff already has pay rate entered on or after date of transfer. We enhanced Internal Transfer to also copy these pay rates.


Forfeiture after n months of year end - forfeiture has been fixed to happen at year end, and we know many of you have a buffer period (e.g. 3 months) for this to apply. Now there is a new option "Forfeit In" which makes the forfeiture happened at specified period. However, as changing the setting directly at entitlement will change all previous leave history, some re-adjustments may be needed. Please check with us on how to start using this.

Leave Balance Report with new option "as of end of last period" - as leave entitlement by Anniversary year has different leave period for everyone, it can be tricky to get previous balance for initial adjustment. A new option "as of end of last period" is added to this report, and get what you need for making the adjustment.


Timesheet/Warning of duplicated Attendance Number - attendance number shared by multiple staffs will cause problem when recording attendance. When opening timesheet, now Backstage will check for duplicated attendance number and warn you about this.

Timesheet/Footer summary on all statistics - now Timesheet is also telling you the total number of OT/Late/Short/Early Out. 


Pay Type/Pay Type Code can be edited - it was not allowed but now it is.

Payroll/**Indicating staffs who are under age of 18 in Payroll List** - new label to notify you if any staff is under age of 18.  

Payslip/To show Payment Number when paid by cheque - making the payslip more informational.

Autopay/MUFG FPS - MUFG autopay is now supported.

Variable/Is Terminating Variable to check for Termination Reason - "Is Terminating" variable will return "Y" when staff is terminating. You can now specify which "Termination Reason" to return "Y".  

Variable/Leave Adjustment Variable to support DAYS parameter - "Leave Adjustment Days" variable now support "DAYS" parameter 

Variable/Period Day variable to support DAY_OF_WEEK parameter - now you can use "DAY_OF_WEEK" parameter to specify which day of week to count in "Period Day" variable.

Variable/Work Day Variable to support DAY_OF_WEEK parameter - now you can use "DAY_OF_WEEK" parameter to specify which day of week to count in "Work Day" variable.


Hong Kong/IR56F/New option to Print all tax forms within tax year - we made this when a client is doing audit. You can now find a new option to print all IR56Fs within the tax year from any IR56F record.

Singapore/IR8A/Updated to 2020 version - updated as stated and get you ready for coming submission.

Employee Portal

New Module: Team

An experimental module that let Team lead to access personal profile of their teammates - including movement history, educations, certifications, working experiences. The "Team" module is in preview phase and please reach us to turn this on if you are interested.

New Module: To Do

Another experimental module to define "To Do List" and have staffs follow up in ESS. For example, you can setup a "to do list" for new staff to list out things that have to be done during on-boarding. Staffs will then mark the completion status in ESS and you will know about this immediately. "To Do List" has the potential to manage more HR operations in different contexts. Please reach us to enable this if you are interested.

Leave Application

Leave Balance Display/More info - now on the leave balance panel when applying leave, we are also showing the forfeiture information as well as pending leave days info.

HEIC file support - by default all iPhone images are in HEIC format and this cannot be opened in ordinary browser. Now Backstage will convert these to standard images so it is easier for you to view these attachments.