Backstage changes, May - November 2020

23-Jun-2022 ยท Felix Fung

Admin Portal


Nature of Residence is now available in Residential Address - such that the value will be used in tax forms when applicable.

Leave Entry

Attachment from related Leave Applications will be included - so you can see all attachments in one place.


Indicator for staff reaching age 65 of above - there was a similar indicator for staff below age of 18 and therefore the similar indicator is now included.

Payroll Variable/Servicing Month - new variable for counting number of month since the staff join the company.

Payroll Variable/Long Service Payment - now it will also consider the value "Is Qualified for Long Service Payment" in Termination Reason. We have default this to be true to all existing termination reasons.


Creating IR56E by date range - it is now possible to create multiple IR56E forms by date range, which is handy when there are multiple new staffs joining.

Better support of IR56B batch with more than 800 staffs - with limit of 800 staffs in each XML file, now Backstage will automatically split into multiple XML file and deliver in zip file.

Expense Claim

Next Approver - similar to the one in Leave Application give you idea on who will be approving the claim.


Change Competency Set in middle of appraisal - now Admin user can change Competency Set without creating a new appraisal form.


Copy Entity Group - you can now copy Entity Group record in case you want to start with a similar one.