Backstage changes, February 2023

07-Mar-2023 ยท Felix Fung

Dear Backstage Users,

Please find below list of new features that we introduced in February.

Backstage Team

Admin Portal


  • New Permission for viewing Salary - previously the permission to view Salary table is based on permission of viewing Payroll Batch. We now have a dedicated permission for viewing Salary in Placement profile. By default this is turned on for user group with Payroll Batch/View permission.

  • Leave History for Compensation Leave Adjustment - we now have warning label for inconsistent leave records (i.e. leave entries with leave day does not equal days calculated from roster) as well as expiry schedule for leave types that can "Request Entitlement". Together it give more info on understanding the movement of leave balances that can be expired.


  • Leave Details Report - now default to hide terminated placement. A parameter "Show Terminated" is also added


  • Payroll Variable/Expense Payment Amount - now variable to get Expense Claim Amount from Expense Payment with Pay Date within the payroll period.