What Do I Need to Do For Tax Purpose When I Hire New Employee?

These are the 3 basic items that you need to do as an employer or HR manager:

  1. Report to Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for new employees
  2. Keep payroll records
  3. Report remuneration paid to employees on annual basis

IR56E (namely notification by an employer of an employee who commences to be employed) is the form you have to submit to the IRD, within 3 months of the arrival of a new employee, if you anticipate that your employee is likely to be chargeable to salaries tax.

You can submit the form with a hardcopy or via online submission.

What exactly the form IR56E looks like?

How to Submit IR56E?

The completed form of IR56E can be sent to IRD directly. As an alternative, IR56E can also be completed in the internet.

Please refer to the direction illustrated in the website below on e-filing of IR56E:

Online demo on filing of employer's return: