Fully Utilize Your Human Resources by Regular Performance Review

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How to Prepare for Appraisal for HR practitioners?

In our Blog, we have a list of selected topics which help HR practitioners to prepare for or implement performance review in the company, or to improve the existing arrangement of performance review.

Performance Review (Appraisal) 101

How to Conduct Performance Review in an Objective Manner?


There are suggestions on details when implementing performance review as follow:

Chinese Only: 常用評語的參考

Chinese Only: 負面評語應如何提出

In fact, it is our recommendation to you for a more regular performance review, or even replaced by "Check-in".
Chinese Only: 更頻密的Appraisal
Chinese Only: 「Check-In」

After completing the appraisal, it is equally important that we analyze the change or compare among cohorts.

Chinese Only: 分析變化
Chinese Only: 相互比較

E-Appraisal is a latest automated performance review system. E-Appraisal starts with aligning company's, team's and employees' goals, then tracks progress of each individual's appraisal result and visualizes various statistics to enable efficient allocation of human resources. It also spares us from bothering with Excel and paper shuffle.