Can Learning Culture Help Keep And Attract The Best Talents To The Company?

Yes, and in a small company without a training department, HR department may need to take up the role of arranging training to staff and promote the culture of learning and knowledge transfer.

Staff Retention and Talent Attraction

Key things to keep in mind when offering training to employees:

  1. Employees need to be reminded of "sense of importance" and "sense of career development". New ideas offered in training keep employees fresh and give them chance to lead change in the company.
  2. Supervisors may want to reinforce certain behaviour of their subordinates through training.
  3. Employees will be frustrated if they perceive that they are kept in the dark about certain key aspect of their job. Training and learning session help keep things transparent.

So What Should An HR Manager Do?

To make sure training arrangement is effective:

  1. Talk to the employees - make sure it is what he/she wants and in line with his/her career development.
  2. Talk to the boss - make sure it is in line with company's business objectives.
  3. Talk to the supervisor - make sure it addresses supervisors' concern on subordinates' behaviour.

While external training is important, internal training and learning culture is also important. As an HR manager, what you can do is to set the stage for different departments to create such learning culture:

  1. Develop policy on record retention and process documentation.
  2. Facilitate cross-department sharing and also job rotation.
  3. Encourage communication session and/or town hall meeting by the boss.