ESS Employee(Special Module) - Apply claim application

05-Oct-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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How to Apply Expense Claim in ESS?

There are two types of claim forms available for you to apply in the ESS portal:

  1. Local expense claim form

  2. International travel expense claim form

Go to Sidebar -> Expense Claim -> Create Claim Form

  • Select the currency for this claim form, tick the box "International Travel Expense Claim" if it is an overseas travel expense claim
  • If you are claiming for the local expense, just directly click "Create Claim Form"

1. How to fill in for Local Expense Claim Form?

  • Step 1) Add expense item           

  • Step 2) Fill in the information and claim amount for the expense item and "Create" after all info is filled in 

  • Step 3) Upload receipts or other claim documents as the attachments

  • Step 4) Submit the claim application after all info and attachment are updated

2. How to fill in for International Travel Expense Form?

  • Step 1) Tick for "International Travel Expense Claim" and fill in the required information 

  • Step 2) Input allowance received before the trip (this will be excluded in total claim amount)
    • Input allowance returned before the trip (this will be added to the total claim amount)
    • After information was filled in, you can confirm the drafted form by "Create Claim Form" and jump into the claim amount details

  • Step 3) Fill in the local claim amounts(Home Country) and overseas claim amounts(USA), the form will transfer overseas claim amounts into local currency based on the exchange rate you input in Step 1)

  • Step 4) Submit the claim application after filling in all claim items