ESS Approver-Approving Leave Application

23-Jun-2022 ยท Wing Au Yeung

If you are the Leave Approver, you can approve/reject the leave application

  • Go to Dashboard -> Leave Application -> My Team's Applications
    • it would direct you to Leave Approval page_____2022-02-09_15.22.10.png
  • Go to Sidebar -> Leave -> Leave Approval
    • The number beside means the number of the pending leave application you need to approve_____2021-10-06_12.49.28.png
  • Go to Sidebar -> Leave -> Group Calendar
    • You can see a "pen" beside the pending leave record if you can approve it
    • Click into the record and you can see the details and approve/reject the application_____2022-02-09_15.15.05.png