20-Oct-2022 · Wing Au Yeung
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Welcome to Backstage ESS platform! This is the login page of Backstage Employee-Self-Service

  • The User ID and Password should be provided by your HR/administrator at the beginning.
  • If you forgot your password, you can click “Forgot Password”. After inputting your User ID, a random password would be sent to your work email

  • After you logged in, you can see the Dashboard. You can find the reminders here for you.
  • ❗️Please change your password for security and privacy concerns on the top right-hand side by clicking “Change Password”❗️

  • You can either click on those icons on the Dashboard, or you can find the menu from the sidebar in the upper left-hand corner._____2021-10-04_14.07.36.png

Our Functions

General Functions

Name Description

 Message board

 Public messages by the administrator 

 Contact list

 Colleagues contact information


 Attachments/Files uploaded by the administrator

 Personal Information

 Show your job and personal information.
 You can update your personal information and submit it to the administrator 

 Leave Application

 Apply for leave

 Leave History

 Check the leave balance and the taken leaves records


 Show your monthly working schedule

 Group Calendar

 Check you and your colleagues leave records


 Check your attendance records

 My Roster

 Check your weekly working schedules

 Payroll History

 Download your monthly payslip 


 Download your IR56B

Functions for Special Modules

  • Special Modules will be displayed if it was purchased by the company
Name Description

    Expense Claim

 Submit a claim form to your manager

    Benefit History

 Check your entitled benefits and expense records

    My appraisal

 Fill in your appraisal along with supervisors

    All Courses

 Check the courses provided by the company

Functions for Supervisor

  • If you are the Supervisor (e.g. leave approver, roster manager, appraiser, expense approver), you can also see below ESS functions displayed on the sidebar:
Name Description


 Delegate your approval right to another staff when you are not in the office (on   holiday/business trip)

 Leave Approval

 Approve/Reject your subordinate leave application(s)

 Team Timesheet

 View your teammate's attendance records

 Timesheet Approval

 Approve your subordinate’s timesheet(s)

 Team Roster

 Arrange and check the working schedules of your subordinates

 (Special module)
 Expense Claim Approval

 Approve your subordinate expense claim application(s)

 (Special module)
 Team Appraisal

 Submit your appraisee's appraisal