Backstage changes, December 2022

04-Jan-2023 · Felix Fung
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Dear Backstage Users,

Happy New Year! Please find below list of new features that we introduced in December.

Backstage Team

Admin Portal


  • Task Log - indicate number of failed run. For example, if you have configured automatic attendance download, the failed number will let you know problem we had, and to troubleshoot earlier.

User Permission

  • New operation to view staff's Date of Birth and Identity Document - separated operation for these fields: Date of Birth, HKID, Passport Number, Spouse HKID, Spouse Passport Number. Gives you more control on what can be done by an user group. Existing clients will have this option turned on by default if "/Applicant/View" permission is granted.

Applicant and Placement

  • Merge - new function to let you merge repeated Applicant or Placement records. The child records will be merged to the target record and the redundant record will be deleted.


  • Leave Details By Date - a new option to include Leave Application record in this report
  • Number of leave days in Timesheet - in Timesheet and other Attendance Reports, there used to be remark showing Leave Entries, Leave Adjustment and Leave Applications on that date. Now this remark will also tell you number of days of that record.


  • ORSO Contribution Report - now generally available in Analytics and Payroll Batch page


  • Expense Type to accept negative amount - new option that you can now configure expense type that can accept negative amount

Employee Portal

Dashboard/Punch In/Out

  • Today's Punch History - more information at the Punch box