No matter you are looking for a job or recruiting manpower, Job Boards/Recruitment Websites are most effective tools in the era of information explosion.

For job seekers, Job Boards/Recruitment Websites are a good starting point in finding employment; For employers, Job Boards/Recruitment Websites allow your job ads to reach a larger pool of potential applicants.

In any case, Job Boards/Recruitment Websites serve as important bridges connecting employers and job seekers. So, it is crucial to find and use the appropriate Job Boards/Recruitment Websites.

In Hong Kong, there are plenty of Job Boards/Recruitment Websites, making us feel overwhelmed. To find the best talent or the most suitable job, we have compiled a list of over 30 Job Boards/Recruitment Websites in Hong Kong for your reference. We also compared their Similarweb rankings in the Hong Kong region so that you can make informed decisions.

(Similarweb is an online website traffic analysis tool. The regional rankings can reflect the potential reach of advertisements on the websites. Rankings were checked in February 2024, covering October to December 2023)

In Hong Kong, was the most visited Jobs and Employment website from October to December 2023, followed by, and ranked third.

Besides, Google integrates the latest information from various Job Boards/Recruitment Websites. If you don't want to check the Job Boards/Recruitment Websites one by one, you can search on "Google Career"

Apart from traditional Job Boards/Recruitment Websites, LinkedIn is also a useful platform to discover talent or job opportunities. LinkedIn is an employment-focused social media where job seekers can showcase their resumes and industry keywords on their LinkedIn profiles. Many HR or recruitment agencies also search for suitable talent on LinkedIn, and many headhunting companies or large corporations post job vacancies there.

Job Boards/Recruitment Websites

*Industry refers to the scope of Jobs and Employment

Job Boards/Recruitment Websites Hong Kong Ranking  Industry Ranking*  Total Visits  
明報 Jump - Mainly education, healthcare, social welfare, and administrative-related positions and information, especially in education - - 1.413M - The most popular job recruitment website in Hong Kong, offering a variety of job types from well-known large enterprises, startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, to MNC 107 112 15.74M
iES of Labour Department - Hong Kong Labour Department job recruitment website, offering more mid-level or lower-level positions 110 265 3.635M
Indeed - Currently the world's largest job recruitment website, integrated information from dozens of job websites, with more website traffic
than other recruitment platforms
178 1 1.627B
CTgoodjobs - Job recruitment website under the HKET, offering more jobs in service industries such as banking, finance, and hotel management 329 682 2.666M
Moovup - Mainly for frontline vacancies 693 1,646 816,731
兼職網 - Mainly offering part-time, temporary, and contract jobs 701 1,418 780,217
jooble - Integrates positions from different job recruitment websites 1,160 8 100M
HKese - Emphasizing on new generation job seeking and freelance job 3,643 5,332 246,580
eFinancialCareers - Specializing in finance professional positions 4,367 6,312 605,118
cpjobs - Website of the Classified Post, a veteran job publication in Hong Kong 4,529 5,656 364,167
ECjobsonline搵工易 - Mainly offers mid-level or lower-level positions in service industries 4,591 9,387 154,121
Recruit - Website of a veteran job publication in Hong Kong 4,918 6,897 278,340
Hunter Guide - Updated weekly in cooperation with AM730, mainly offering mid-level or lower-level positions 6,405 11,527 119,653
Job Market - Job recruitment website under Sing Tao 8,560 12,941 96,522
PagePersonnel - Mainly offers supporting levels to middle management levels jobs in industries such as finance, administration, and technology 10,584 15,503 65,733
快工 - Offers positions in service industries mainly for mid-level or below positions 14,739 20,176 47,826
Freehunter - Hong Kong freelance platform providing opportunities for freelancers 16,401 N/A 100,047
JIJIS - A job recruitment website exclusively for Hong Kong university students and graduates 24,257 N/A 27,043
Careerjet - Integrates job vacancy information from various company websites or job intermediary websites 24,902 27,161 32,922
香港找工作網 - A frontline recruitment and job-seeking platform 25,785 28,363 49,738
HKSlash - A recruitment website promoting Slash workstyles 28,427 27,513 47,750
GigGik職極 - Provides job recruitment matching services, focusing on helping overlooked talents, including housewives, immigrants, people with disabilities, and Slashers 43,866 N/A 64,821 - A job recruitment website under Headline Daily (also a member of the Sing Tao) 80,648 47,282 21,134
foundit - A job recruitment website under Monster APAC & ME 95,518 31,257 32,193 - Formerly a recruitment website under CoolJobz, now gradually unified under the brand, emphasizing social recruitment 107,178 47,678 10,910
炒散王WorkKing - A mobile job-seeking platform providing a large number of temporary job opportunities 360,692 74,423 <5,000
JOB DOH - Mobile APP which focusing on temporary casual work, offering part-time, casual, short-term, freelance, and contract positions N/A N/A <5,000

HR consultant-typed Job Boards/Recruitment Websites

Job Boards/Recruitment Websites Hong Kong Ranking  Industry Ranking*  Total Visits  
MichaelPage - International Human Resources Consultant 12,003 13,952 149,250
randstad - International Human Resources Consultant 15,022 18,100 96,038
HAYS - International Human Resources Consultant 23,029 23,154 48,287
Adecco - International Human Resources Consultant            33,556 33,157 11,931
ambition - International Human Resources Consultant 43,130 37,897 14,263