What is Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)?
Techonolgoy Voucher Programme (TVP) is a government program aimed at providing funding to SME for the use of “technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes”.

Am I “SME”?
As a “SME”, number of staff should be less than 100 for manufacturing business, otherwise number of staff should be less than 50.

Why it is important? Why it is related to me?
While we can remain status quo, our competitor may get substantial amount of funding to improve its competitiveness and overtake our market position.

Where should I spend to improve my company?
In addition to buzzword such as “AR” or “Big data”, we should also back-to-basic and consider HR System that is able to automate daily routines on payroll, MPF, etc.

Can I apply the funding for Human Resources System, to improve efficiency in HR functions and free my HR colleagues for more management and strategic tasks?
Yes! According to Guidance Notes for Applications of TVP programme, human resources management system allows company to allocate human resources more efficiently, store records of personal and payroll records, etc. Such integrated information system enables the company to improve information flow and decision making process. Therefore, HR system is classified as technological solution to improve productivity.
Moreover, a professional HR system should also improve process of performance review and provide insight on employees with its analytics function. These are all areas the TVP programme is looking for.

How much funding I can get from the government?
We can get as much as $200,000 from government, while one third of the expense of the whole project must be borne by the company.

How should I schedule the development and implementation of HR system?
Because the total amount is limited and our competitors may already take action, we recommend you start talking to your colleagues on roadmap to automatic HR system and seek for proposals from professional HR software companies sooner rather than later.

Why Carbonik?
Since launch in 2006, we have been helping numerous SMEs to implement automatic HR system, allowing their staff members to focus on more important task. For applicant of TVP programme, customized solution that fits your company will be provided after analyzing your business need. Special discounted pricing will also be offered on case by case basis.

What is my next step?
Call us now to let us introduce to you how HR system can help improve your operation, and how to follow the rule to apply the TVP funding from the government.

Is there any key milestones I should pay attention regarding the application of TVP funding?
Yes, there are a few key milestones you need to pay attention and we will guide you through the process with ease:

  1. The compliance considerations with respect to procurement process and comparison of multiple quotations.
  2. The application process and elaboration on projection purposes. Quantifiable outcomes should be clearly stated.
  3. The reporting process after the completion of the project, summarizing deliverables with evidence.
  4. The submission of post-project evaluation report.


Guidance Notes for TVP Application

Sample Application Form for TVP

Official website for TVP

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