Taxation Management

Prepare tax forms from Backstage which are ready for submission.

Do tax with Backstage

Backstage is capable of preparing IR56B (Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pensions), IR56E (Employee who Commences to be Employed), IR56F (Employee who is about to Cease to be Employed) and IR56G (Employee who is about to Depart from Hong Kong).

Turns payroll into tax forms

The payroll you have done throughout the year can easily be turned into tax forms. Specify which tax category each pay type belongs to, within a few clicks you will see your tax forms prepared.

Choose your submission method

When you are done checking the tax numbers, print the forms (for IR56E/F/G) or create the electronic file (for IR56B) for submission to the IRD. Backstage supports submission via computerized format or eTax.

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